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About Tykan Systems

Tykan Systems Ltd was launched in 1994 by Perry and Mary-Lou May. At the time, they also had three young children named, Tyler, Kara and Andrew. The name Tykan (is an acronym) that was adopted based on the their first names.
Furthermore, as the family grew, so did the company, purchasing a single Hydrovac Truck, Oil Field Rental Equipment and a Winch Truck.
Also, over the years the Oil Patch has changed as new Fracturing Technologies continued to emerge. Therefore, this demand impacted Tykan and forced us and many other companies in the industry to adapt more efficient practical oil field solutions.
Today, we have over 10 trucks, including numerous Oil Field Tanks and Equipment. As we grow along with the Petroleum Industry we are purchasing tank trucks with larger capacity tanks, so we are able to keep up with increasing fluid hauling demand.
Moreover, at the core of our operation is a highly competent team of experienced, seasoned and well trained employees. Our goal is to perform our duties competently by following every instruction to a tee and of course leaving our clients satisfied.
Our family owned small scale business model is simple, pay attention to detail and ensure timely, safe high quality delivery of our services. Tykan Systems also strives to protect the environment and our employees through ongoing training and regular truck safety inspections. Contact Us.

Tykan Systems

Tykan Mission

Tykan Systems is a family owned and operated company that prides its self on providing the best customer service based on quality work. Moreover, Tykan Systems is equipped with the best employees from all over Alberta and their safety is our top priority. Our team of seasoned and experienced high-caliber employees are always ready to come through for all your professional Oil Field Service needs. With leading Petroleum Industry works and contribution to environmental and professional development; we boast as having unarguably the best trained employee team including new equipment anyone may find near Drayton Valley, Alberta. Tykan strives to always complete the job right the first time to our customer and clients satisfaction. Which is why our clients have confidence in Tykan and continue to return to us for all their Oil Field needs.


Tykan Systems Team

Tykan Systems is equipped with the best employees from all over Alberta, Tykan’s team of seasoned and experienced high-caliber technicians are always ready to come through for your professional needs. With industry leading works and contribution to various environmental and professional developments, we pride ourselves as having unarguably the best employee team anyone may find from Drayton Valley, Alberta.

Meet Tykan Systems Family Team

Perry May
Perry MayOwner
Founder | CEO
Mary-Lou May
Mary-Lou MayOffice
Office Logistics & Safety
Andrew May
Andrew MayManager
Sales & Dispatch
Tyler May
Tyler MayManager
Sales & Dispatch

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We are always looking for Qualified Hard working and personable people to join our skilled team.


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