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Reliable Oil Field Hydrovac Trucks

Oil Field Vacuum Trucks
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Reliable Oil Field Hydrovac Trucks

Reliable Oil Field Hydrovac Trucks Unit 40 is equipped with a 8 inch boom, a 750,000 BTU burner and a 822 Model Hibon blower for tough vac jobs which requires lots of suction.
In addition, this truck also has a 3600 PSI cat wash pump with multiple attachments for ease of cleaning capabilities, including excavating applications. Furthermore, it comes equipped with boilers that are fully able to supply steam for cleaning, and or in some cases, thawing purposes if pipes or tank equipment freeze up.

Tykan Systems offers this truck which can easily provide the following services:

  • Daylighting Underground Facilities

  • Clean-ups and spills

  • Service Rig Tank Cleaning

  • Drilling Rig Tank Cleaning

  • Well Clean Ups and Spills

  • Supplied Air Vessel Cleaning

  • Facilities work and clean ups

  • Turn a Rounds

This truck is capable of hauling large quantities of liquid and includes a hydraulic dump. After each and every job is complete, the tank is thoroughly flushed and cleaned so it is always ready for the next job!

Oil Field Hydrovac Trucks

Hibon Blower

All Tykan Oil Field Vacuum and Hydrovac Trucks are equipped with either the Hibon Series VTB.XL 820 or 822 Model blowers. Also, these Hibon models offer new state of the art technology with there three lobe positive displacement blower. In light of this, these blowers are ideally suited for the rigorous demand of the Oil Field Service industry hydrovac truck. Their design incorporates the benefits of improved lifetime reliability, better performance and interchangeability with the previous VTB & SIAV range. And because of the long history of hibon quality, Tykan insures all our trucks are equipped with this blower for maximum suction capabilities. Finally, quickly and easily get your next hydrovac job done right the first time with the professionals at Tykan Systems.
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Reliable Oil Field Hydrovac Trucks

Oil Field Vacuum Trucks
Oil Field Vacuum Trucks
Oil Field Vacuum Trucks
Oil Field Vacuum Trucks
Oil Field Vacuum Trucks

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