Complete Oil Field Fluid Hauling Services


Complete Oil Field Fluid Hauling Services

Tykan Systems offers a wide array of Complete Oil Field Fluid Hauling services. We’ve been in the Oil Field Hauling Service Industry for over 25 years and if you can’t find what you are looking for from the list below, give our friendly office staff a quick call.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of products and services that many other oil field service companies do not. Therefore, look through our Vacuum Trucks, Hydrovac Trucks and Tanker Truck pages including our Equipment Rentals. Finally, all our equipment including rentals can easily be pre-booked with just a few mouse clicks.

Tykans’ Oil Field Fluid Hauling Specializes In The Following List Of Equipment and Services:

  • Daylighting Underground Facilities

  • Tank and facilities cleaning

  • Complete Frack packages

  • Frack Fresh Water Hauling Tankers

  • Frack Flow Back Hauling Tankers

  • Production Fluid Hauling Tankers

  • Frack Flow Back Hauling Tankers

  • Complete Frack packages

  • Vacuum Truck Tank Cleaning Services

  • Facilities Cleaning

  • Well Head and Spill Cleanups

  • Invert Tanks cleaning
  • Drilling mud Land spraying
  • Drilling rig vacuum trucks

  • Drilling rig water trucks

  • Road Dust Control

  • Oil Field Equipment Rentals

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